Wills & Estates

While it is difficult for many of us to think about our eventual passing it is unfortunately a reality of life. For many it is equally difficult to look ahead and make decisions with regards to preparations of our wills, trusts, powers of attorney and personal directives. In fact, recent surveys show that more than half of Canadians do not have a will or some form of estate planning.

Preparing a will not only gives you the security and assurance of the transferring of your assets in the way you so choose, it can also lessen legal and financial burdens on your families during difficult times.

Passing without a Will can make the administration of your estate significantly more expensive, and decisions made on your behalf may not be as what you would have wished or chosen.

At the law firm of Startek, Peglar & Calcagni, we have extensive experience in the area of will preparation and estate planning. Our experienced legal team has been helping clients with these difficult and sometimes complex planning decisions, to ensure they feel comfortable and secure with their estate plans.

Our firm of experienced lawyers can assist in Estate Planning, Estate Administration, and Estate Litigation.

Estate Planning

  • Complete estate plans, including Wills of various degrees of complexity
  • Powers of Attorney for personal care and advance health care directives
  • Powers of Attorney for property
  • Probate tax avoidance strategies
  • Wealth preservation techniques such as family trusts, gifting programs, estate freezes, and insurance trusts
  • Charitable trusts and foundations
  • Special needs trusts designed to protect the elderly and the disabled
  • Business succession planning, including corporate reorganizations, estate freezes, asset and share sales, and shareholder agreements

Estate Administration

  • Assistance to Estate Trustees in all aspects of Estate administration including obtaining a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee, estate accounting, distribution, and wind-up
  • Legal advice to Estate Trustees

Estate Litigation

  • Will challenges
  • Representation of Executors and Beneficiaries in disputed estate matters
  • Representation of Trustees and Attorneys under Power of Attorneys in disputes
  • Mediation of Estate disputes
  • Conduct of guardianship of person and property proceedings
  • Claims against Estates by spouses and dependants
  • Removal or replacement of Trustee proceedings
  • Court passings of accounts in estates, trusts, and guardianship matters